By ArtSpan Staff

For the fifth annual Guide Cover Competition, ArtSpan held an open call for artwork inspired by the theme of Vitality to celebrate the strength and stamina of San Francisco artists. For the last 41 years of SF Open Studios, artists have managed to survive many layers of change and sometimes strife in our city, and they continue to strive for a meaningful and creative existence in San Francisco. This year, we celebrate SF artists’ ability to grow and develop their artistry with verve and vigor. Seren Moran’s painting, Indelible, was selected to represent Vitality on the cover of this year’s Guide. Indelible is on display at the SF Open Studios Exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center, 934 Brannan Street, from October 6 to November 6.

Moran’s current style of work focuses on allowing her subconscious to have a voice that transcends the canvas. Her work is a study in abstraction, collaging compositions, and color combinations from everything around her.

Guide Cover | Seren Moran
Indelible, Acrylic on canvas, 2015

“This particular piece was part of a series I completed last year titled Feisty. Being back in the Bay Area where I grew up had me wanting to explore more about my childhood and development, what forms who we are as adults, and what makes us call some place a home. I wanted there to be an energy to the paintings that felt relatable to that prepubescent age where we’ve all struggled maintaining our innocence and optimism of the world, while simultaneously being exposed to more adult experiences. I think the Bay Area, more than perhaps other less urban and less diverse places in the United States, had a particularly intense effect on these vital stages of development.”
Weekend 4, Map #462d | www.serenmoran.com

Weekend 1 Opener | Annie Galvin
City of Dreamers, Acrylic on canvas, 2016

“In San Francisco, we paint our Victorian houses in a kaleidoscope of colors; we carve our sidewalk trees into Dr. Seuss balls; our bridge is orange; our radio tower is a bejeweled spider. This city is both the inspiration and the canvas for the people who live and work here. There is a light and a life to the streets and hills and water here that has, I am sure, created artists out of people who might have done something else, somewhere else. With this painting, I wanted to remind our artists that no matter what changes come, and changes will always continue to come, there is a sparkle in our city that will always, always, delight and inspire those of us who remember to look around.”
Weekend 3, Map #318a | www.3fishstudios.com

Weekend 2 Opener | Fernando Reyes
Poetic Grace V, Oil on wood panel, 2015

“The human figure is central in much of my art. I maintain the time-honored practice of drawing from live models and attempt to express the dynamic energy transmitted by each model I work with. Thematically my work is very much about body language, the conscious and unconscious signals through which our bodies communicate, typically with greater eloquence than what verbal communication allows.“
Weekend 2, Map #225h | www.freyesart.com

Weekend 3 Opener | Spencer Brown
Sunset, SF #21, Photography, 2015

“For six months I chased street cleaning vehicles to capture stylized scenes void of people, cars, and trees in San Francisco’s Sunset District. The city’s largest neighborhood is locally known for its relentless summer fog and architectural monotony. I set out to photograph neighborhood individuality. The resulting wide-angle shots explore the architecture and power lines that connect house to house. Sunset, SF #21 is the only piece in the series that includes a vehicle, a street cleaning machine, and serves as a metaphor for the pressures of gentrification and sanitization on all things funky in San Francisco.”
Weekend 4, Map #445a | www.spencerbrownphoto.com

Weekend 4 Opener | Rodney Weiss
Creative Layers, Pen & ink on paper, 2016

“San Francisco is embedded in a horizon of constant change and painted in a state of unknowns. In the last few years, we have seen many disruptions and the birth of many possibilities. Visiting the ArtSpan booth at ArtMRKT 2016 motivated me to explore how I can bring the awareness, to both residents and tourists, that the arts are alive and thriving in San Francisco. This piece was created to stop, spark people’s curiosity, and encourage them to want to know what is inside. It is directly inspired by the dedication of our community and the artists that strive to make the Bay Area a creative and colorful place to live.”
Weekend 4, Map #444ar | www.rodneyweiss.com