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Guide Cover Fernando Reyes
Script I (detail), Mixed Media, 2016

"The inspiration for creating 'Script I' came from a visit to the old iconic casino signs at The Neon Museum in Las Vegas. I was so visually stimulated by the history, color, and design elements from the signs that it inspired me to create a series of mixed media abstract paintings. The museum visit had such an impact on me that it sparked a new direction in art making which took me out of my comfort zone."

Weekend 1 Opener
Robin Denevan
Copper Trees, Encaustic 2016

"My recent paintings of the Amazon River emphasize the scale of the basin and explore the jungle canopy, emphasizing the viewpoint from the river surface. This body of work is a continuation on the theme of deltas, flood plains, and the world's great rivers."

Weekend 2 Opener
Eric Rewitzer
California Rising, Linocut, 2017

"California Rising was created in response to the 2016 Election.
I wanted to depict California as an iconic bear, rising up, in order to defend our culture and values. This piece enjoyed immediate impact, having been featured in Time Magazine in February, and Bay Area newspapers in March."

Weekend 3 Opener
Kim Smith
Bay Bird, Collage, 2017

"I prefer to think the local art scene makes a vibrant impact on the Bay Area. The arts help to awaken the creativity and passion in humanity. Imagine the drudgery of a world where no one thinks outside the box. Given how much time we spend doing mundane necessities, art can be an important part of peoples' overall happiness and success, not the other way around."

Weekend 4 Opener
Jennifer L. King
Along Those Lines, Oil on Canvas, 2017

"After seeing my recent series of artwork featuring snails, a friend shared with me that instead of smashing a simple garden snail on her sliding glass door, she carried it off to safety as she remembered the images in my artwork."

Weekend 5 Opener
Jane Grimm
Rag Time, Ceramic, 2016

"I have been creating a new body of work that is inspired by music. 'Rag Time' is a dynamic piece that evokes the feeling of the music of that genre. The sculpture may be all white, but the pattern of the lines creates that energy of impact."

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