Now in its fourth year, the Art-in-Neighborhoods program creates opportunities for established and emerging artists to show and sell their work in venues with local and tourist appeal. The program brings art into businesses that want unique local work, but may not have the expertise or resources to curate exhibitions themselves.

Art-in-Neighborhoods accepts submissions from any ArtSpan Artist Member, regardless of experience. Venues make the final selection of artwork for their spaces, choosing the work that fits their style and clientele. ArtSpan manages installations and art sales, ensuring each work is hung and presented professionally. Because of this facilitation, we have been able to offer many artists their first public exhibit.

Most venues have exhibitions that rotate on a quarterly basis, making constant opportunities for artists to share their work with new audiences. Venues gain appreciation for the dynamic power of artwork to transform and enliven as each new rotation brings its own unique character to their spaces.

his year we have restructured the program to bring more paid opportunities for artists to show their work, through art rental contracts and grant funding. In 2017 and 2018 ArtSpan received Neighborhood Arts Collaborative grants through San Francisco’s Grants for the Arts. These grants supported ArtSpan’s expansion of the artist receptions at two sites in Southern San Francisco: Ferment. Drink. Repeat. Brewery (FDR) in the Portola District and Cumaica Coffee in the Excelsior. At these events, visual arts mix and mingle with music, dance, and craft demonstrations, bringing new audiences to celebrate art of all types in San Francisco.

Through exhibitions and artist receptions, Art-in-Neighborhoods is most importantly a means of reaching the public that traffics these spaces; a wider and more diverse audience than those that self-select to visit galleries and museums.

On casual outings around the city, on a business trip or vacation weekend, over a great craft beer or a cup of coffee, you might be surprised by the artwork just over your shoulder.

Whether in the heart of downtown, or the southern reaches of the city, the Art-in-Neighborhoods program weaves artwork into the fabric of San Francisco throughout the year.


Art-in-Neighborhoods also encompasses the Studio Residency Program. ArtSpan has partnered with local developers and property owners to create artist studios in buildings that are in transition or underutilized. In these spaces, ArtSpan has constructed studios for over 35 artists, holding space for creators amongst the rapidly changing real estate of San Francisco. ArtSpan sees this as one significant means of sustaining the art community in the city, and slowing the exodus of artists due to rising real estate prices. Taking advantage of unexpected partnerships and underused spaces is a tenet of the Art-in-Neighborhoods program.