Guide Cover Competition

Guide Cover

Carrie Ann Plank
Annuli Series
Pochoir on Paper Installation, 2018

“My work uses layers of data visualization, from charting to mathematical equations to scientific principles. The Annuli Series begins with a visualization based on the Fibonacci sequence which represents the growth pattern found in the natural world. It is, in essence, the basis of germination. The work speaks to a core of growth on one level but also represents the way visual data can be represented overall. It reflects a microcosm of our San Francisco community’s outputs: technological, scientific, computer-based, and artistic pursuits.”

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Karen Folgner
Acrylic on Canvas, 2018

“My inspiration for Emergence is a joyful abstract thought of spring breaking through the cold and ice of winter. Much as a seed eagerly germinates through dark soil into the sunlight, anticipating a beautiful bloom or majestic tree, my brushstrokes depict the darkness of winter bursting open with the endless possibilities of hope and light in the coming season.”

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Park Bloom
Acrylic, Embroidery, and Beading on Canvas, 2018

“This year, while pregnant with my son, I vowed to continue my art career, hopeful that being a mom would make me a better artist, and vice versa. After Ziggy was born, I felt as though my heart and mind had split wide open and a new, magnificent seed of creativity had sprouted up. Park Bloom imagines how magical and wonderous the world must seem through newborn eyes, his squeals of delight influencing my every brushstroke.”

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Weaving Spiders Come Not Here
Patinated Metal, 2017

“The first piece of metal took root in my work when I switched from oils to mixed media. It was small: just a few copper wires. Steel and brass came next, also small at first, then larger. Eventually the metals pushed out all the other elements. I work intuitively. In the process of creating, an idea for weaving metals arose. Weaving Spiders is a sequential outcome of this thought process.”

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Lunar Time
Vintage Watch Parts Hand-stitched onto Muslin, 2018

“This quilt is composed from watch parts individually embroidered onto fabric, each representing a singular event in time. The parts may be exquisite, but until they are stitched onto the fabric they are merely a collection of unique objects. Just as the distinctive instruments of an orchestra blend together to produce a symphony, events and people can interact with each other to create amazing and unexpected results."

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Becoming Fauna,
Mixed Media on Paper, 2018

“Becoming Fauna draws a universe that organically evolves from the relationships between the inhabitants of a place and the place itself. With this series we aim to capture an instant in the process of transformation where the individual, depicted as an animal, becomes one with the place it inhabits. For example, the lines that form the peacock blur into the environment, becoming one with the landscape, which represents an abstraction of the origin of life.”