A Juror’s View of Selections

In 2017 I was honored to be a juror for ArtSpan’s Selections Exhibition,“Art Builds Bridges.” ArtSpan’s goal of celebrating experienced artists while nurturing burgeoning talent yielded a portfolio of images as diverse as the residents of San Francisco.

The guidelines for our selections focused on three key factors: does the art portray a high level of artistic maturity? Does the artist express a distinct point of view? Does the artist have a compelling statement of purpose for their work? These seemingly simple yet complex questions aided me in exploring the submissions. As each story unfolded through the artist’s statement and images, I felt mesmerized by the different levels of maturity and thought.

Through different mediums, messages, and expressions, the applicants shared a common language: to influence and communicate their perception and experience of the world around them. The entries were as varied as the artists; some artists working full-time on their craft, some less experienced artists looking to create exposure for their talent. Having a diverse jury helped give a broad point of view, with every juror bringing their curiosity, their experience and creativity to hone the submissions from approximately one hundred to fifteen. These were displayed at Heron Arts and celebrated at ArtSpan’s 2017 Gala.

The art selected for this exhibition clearly exemplifies art historian Hilde Hein’s proclamation -- that the world, in all its complexity, appears as a gigantic museum, a treasure house whose content changes continually to reflect the thought that defines it and its further refinement. This exhibition showcased some of the best of the best art in San Francisco.

ArtSpan’s nurturing and celebration of artists of different cadres is helping San Francisco flourish as a creative, diverse, innovative, experiential city. By promoting and showcasing these artists, ArtSpan is ensuring we will experience thought-provoking, challenging, and playful works that reflect not only the artists but our communities as well.

Being a part of the jury was more than a pleasure; it was an opportunity for me to explore the vibrant art developing in San Francisco, while playing a small part in keeping art as a core value to our city. Helping guide the selection of work for this exhibition has given me a deeper connection and passion for the art and artists that surround us. I’m excited and inspired by the work ArtSpan does, and look forward to continuing to support their efforts any way I can.

2018 Selections Exhibition - “Germinate”

2018 Artists
Andrea Bergen • Jennifer Berkowitz • Spencer Aldworth Brown • Dale Eastman
Heiko Greb • Kuo-Chen (Kacy) Jung • Crystal Kamoroff • J. L. King • Kristine Mays Elizabeth Medrano • Leslie Morgan • Carrie Ann Plank • Angela Willetts

2018 Jurors
Philip Bewley, Fine Art Advisor and Curator at DZINE Gallery
Michael Cuffe, Founder & Editor in Chief of Warholian
James Fleming, Design Program Manager at Facebook
Patricia Maloney, Executive Director at Southern Exposure
Renny Pritikin, Chief Curator at the Contemporary Jewish Museum
Michelle Robertson, Producer at SF Chronicle/SFGATE
Jessica Weigley, Principal at Siol Studios

Elizabeth “BettieJune” Scarborough spent more than 12 years guiding all the art for the annual Burning Man event. In addition BettieJune has managed the career of Laura Kimpton, helping her get her art placed in several civic locations as well as in private collections across the United States.