Artist Spotlight:

What is your favorite subject matter and why?
Something I keep coming back to, no matter what I’m doing in my work, is exploring surface pattern and ornament. That desire to decorate our environment, to beautify the things we surround ourselves with, is a universal human trait. The myriad ways people have done this throughout history is something I feel like I could explore for the rest of my life as an artist and still never finish. Right now this concept is manifesting in my work via textile designs and gold leafing.

Do you collect art? If so, what kinds of artworks are you drawn to and why?
I do collect art, though I don’t have a large collection—yet! I’m attracted to art that uses surface pattern in an interesting way. Many of the pieces I have acquired also incorporate the human figure in some fashion. I am interested in all the ways artists work with surface decoration and texture, and I’m drawn to artists that do it differently than I do!

SF Open Studios 2012 Guide